As a member of the financial sector of "AtaHolding", “AtaLeasing” OJSC  was founded in 2004 with shares of “AtaHolding” (64%) and “AtaBank” (36%).  The authorized capital of  “AtaLeasing”  OJSC  is  1 mln. AZN.  “AtaLeasing”  was established to provide support to entrepreneurs and to offer financing for the purchase of equipment and main assets in the conditions of rapidly developing economy. "AtaLeasing", which aims at providing all types of leasing services to the extent allowed by legislation, currently mainly provides financial leasing.

Company provides high level leasing services to local and foreign enterprises functioning  in the fields of construction, industry, production, transport, communication, agriculture and processing.  Customers of the company  are legal entities and entrepreneurs"AtaLeasing" was the initiator and founder of the Association of Azerbaijan Leasing Companies. Currently "AtaLeasing" is one of the most active members of the Association.

The mission of the company is to become a leading leasing company and to protect interests of its shareholders by offering extensive range of leasing services, employing professional staff and applying new IT systems in order to provide transparent and differentiated leasing services across Azerbaijan.

"AtaLeasing"  OJSC 
Bakı, AZ1014,
S. Rustam.  9
Tel: (+99412) 440-57-38

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