Shamkir Poultry

 “Shamkir Poultry” farm  was reconstructed in 2005, and  opened by President Ilham Aliyev on November 1, 20016. In 2012, the plant received a second stage investment. As a result, the plant’s production capacity increased by 6-7 times. Currently, Shamkir Poultry plant is providing around 10% of the country’s egg production and almost fully meets egg demand of the west and northwest regions, where it is located.
Producing   according to all demands of industrial  quality  standards tha natural  hen egg “Murtta”  is  brand of “Shamkir Paultry”  farm.  As of  origin “Murtta”    is concrned to its unrepeated rich nature and famous with agrarian  history of  Azerbaijan Shamkir region. Located in in the New Hayat village of Shamkir  region “Shamkir Paultry”  farm is one of the biggest manufacturing enterprise.


“Shamkir Poultry” LLC

Address: AZ 5700, Azerbaijan,
Shamkir,  New Hayat village
Tel: (+994 2230) 524 24




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