AtaInsurance has been the insurer of restoration and coloring project of Arshin mal alan

With the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation AtaHolding as part of its 10th anniversary implemented a first by restoring and coloring Arshin mal alan the movie which was shot in black and white format in 1945 based on the same operetta of Uzeyir Hajibeyli.

AtaInsurance has been chosen as a partner to insure the risks during the implementation of the project.

The movie Arshin mal alan, was restored and colored in Hollywood - the major center of the world film industry.  And AtaInsurance was selected as a partner company to insure film tape from the possible risks during the transportation to USA.

The project which has lasted for nine month involved 157 people from the continents of Asia, America and Europe. Among them were professional specialists of the world with Oscar awards together with local experts of Azerbaijan.

AtaInsurance OJSC expresses its gratitude to the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and all other participants of this project for the respect and care they showed to Arshin mal alan which has solid place in Azerbaijan movie industry as well as in Azerbaijan’s cultural memory and also for the trust they showed to AtaInsurance as an insurer of the project from the possible risks.

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