AtaInsurance OJSC hold the first place

MCS media monitoring group  has finished   report  of  information   for  the period September 01-30, 2018.  The number  of materials included to the coverage of media monitoring  were  analyzed according the quantity,  character,  and content of  information.

 “AtaInsurance” OJSC  was the first with 123 positive  information published in  September  among the insurance companies operated in Azerbaijan. 3 press releases and one interview were published about the activity of the  “AtaInsurance”. Also  presentation   of    “Casco with Petrol”  product was held for media representatives.

  It should be noted that  "Media Consulting & Services" monitoring group  covers materials broadcasted in 10 TV,  published in 55 print and  600 online media   sources, including social networking sites. 

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