Azerbaijan is turning for being country as high technological product and the services of producer

 “AtaTechnology” LLC is one of the company  showing activity with  successfully in the IT market of Azerbaijan. Our interlocutor is the  director Mais Yusifov.

-Mr.Mais , first of all, we ask to give information about “AtaTechnology” beginnings and the directions of activity.

-As you know, the activity of “AtaHolding” Companies Group encompasses all the areas of economy: financial,tourism, information technologies and others. “AtaTecnology” LLC has been established in 2004 and it is operating  in the areas of information and communication technologies. Some  directions of activity are available in this field and program guarantees, the infrastructure and the service solutions  include them. I would want to convey  the main directions  to your glance. The company basically consists of revealing poorly developed companies and introducing them applied solutions to the clients  in the local markets from 2004-2005. At the same years, the company has been created its personnel potential and has been developed it. The main capital is human, human resources  in this field . It is impossible to improve without human resources. The certain success can get with putting investments. If the investments and human capitals are available, it will give to get certain achievements and results.

-What would you say about “AtaTechnology products and services?

- Our company is being shown activity successfully by main IT companies of the world. Especially program guarantee for managing human resources, also storage accounting, accounting, sale processes of  small and middle and large institutions, like logistic solutions are available that they have been prepared according to the customers’ need. We can show “HPE”, “Cisco Sysytems”, “Oracle”, “Microsoft” as an example. We prepare program guarantee for local and foreign markets by cooperating with foreign companies by IT equipments. Beside applying the IT equipments, the products of program guarantee  of the same companies in the local and foeign markets,“AtaTechnology” LLC has certaion solutions that these have been prepared for customers’ needs

For example, “HRM360” is 100%  the local and foreign product. Our company works over the mobile solutions, certain products and services. At the same time it co operates with mobile operators closely.

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