Chairman's statement

Ahmet Erentok

“AtaHolding”  Group of Companies operating since 2003 has established distinctive companies in the different sectors of economy by passing a rapid development way within this period, and has taken a peculiar place in Azerbaijan economy.  Economic reforms, established by Heydar Aliyev, the National Leader of Azerbaijan, currently continued by President Ilham Aliyev and successfully upraised onto a new level, set up a sustainable and favorable environment for growth  of entrepreneurship in the country.

 Nearly 25 years have passed since gaining independence of Azerbaijan. 25 years is an important period in the life of a human. However, it is a short time for countries and governments. Remarkable work has been done in Azerbaijan in such a short period in the field of economy, social, culture, sports and other sectors and a lot of accomplishments highly appreciated worldwide have been gained. Being Azerbaijani businesspersons and companies, we take pride in these accomplishments and we are induced to be more committed and assiduous.

Economic increase observed in Azerbaijan in the first decade of current century will undoubtedly take its deserved position in the global economy. In the global condition of slow down following dynamically increasing tempo, the growth rate of the country economy is higher than analogic indicators in the foreign countries. This is undoubtedly the result of correct economic policy.

 “AtaHolding” Group of Companies, being one of the leading companies, perceives its responsibility on improving the economic development of our country and population’s welfare. World practice shows that the role of big economic entities, holding type companies is great in providing economic development of the countries.

 “AtaHolding” Group of Companies carries out its activity on the basis of special concept called “Synergy Concept”. As to this concept, the enterprises incorporated lead to higher profit than that gained by standalone enterprises.  Thus, we also incorporate to ensure our profitability as an entity and   contribute to the welfare of the community.

We being  “AtaHolding”  within the past 13 years from the date of establishment strived to distinguish with our projects and contribute to the welfare of Azerbaijan relying on our vision, mission and values.  We have sustained our economic objectives within the frames of the country’s targets and goals.  Meanwhile we kept ourselves aware of our social responsibility and set up the activity focused on protection of social interests. With this in mind, we have followed our motto “Synergy for Azerbaijan”.

In our subsidiary structures corporate management, latest technologies and contemporary quality standards are applied. Generally, introducing innovative technologies to all the fields of local market, we endeavor to apply it to every aspect.

 “AtaHolding” strives to take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects as its priority. Our CSR covers support of sports, particularly national kinds of sports. “AtaHolding”   is currently the main sponsor of the International Wrestling Federation. Sportsmen representing the sports club of our holding “AtaSport” were distinguished with a number of triumphs in wrestling and other kinds of sports, and returned with golden medals and other rewards from the Olympic Games, as well as  European and World Championships. Sportsmen of  “AtaSport” club rejoice our people with their rewards.

With accomplishments up to date, we aim at expanding in the nearest future, increase our revenue, and remain committed to our social responsibility. Henceforward, “AtaHolding” Group of Companies aiming at strengthening its leading positions in the county’s economy with it motto “Synergy for Azerbaijan” will develop with confident steps as an international Azerbaijan company.

It should also be noted operation of “AtaHolding” Group of Companies represented with its shareholders and customers, has all the time relied on the  principle of transparency giving preference to the quality, not quantity when it comes to its production and services. We have all the time taken human recourses as our leading potential. I can note with confidence thanks to that approach we have operated during past years with mutual respect, trust and team spirit.

I express gratitude to our shareholders, managers and employees- our leading force for their endeavors and immense effort in the  accomplishments and success gained by “AtaHolding” Group of Companies and leading it to this level.  I believe our joint efforts will result in future prosperity in the nearest future. 


Ahmet Erentok
Chairman of Supervisory Board

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