Mission, Vision, and Values


Acting in line with transparency principles, together with our shareholders, employees and customers and differentiating ourselves by creating high quality products and services to become an organization - example of trust and stability in Azerbaijan and worldwide.


To effectively use resources of the country by applying modern technologies,  to invest into creation of new job places, to create synergy by satisfying and protecting the rights of our shareholders, employees and customers, to make our own contribution to the welfare and economic development of Azerbaijan and grow together with our country.


To operate in line with  “human” factor principles;
To operate in the spirit of mutual trust, confidence and teamwork;
To create and find new sources of sustainable development;
To ensure satisfaction of our internal and external customers;
To have a goal of always being ahead, not quantity but quality wise;
To preserve the group image in our work and personal life;
To protect social and public interests along with economic ones.

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